Polo BioPmed Framework Projects

SiTec Consulting is a member of Polo BioPmed since 2009. Polo BioPmed is an Italian innovation cluster dedicated to health-care related products and services (www.biopmed.eu) . The cluster was formed in 2009 in collaboration with Piemonte Region. Polo BioPmed is financed by the framework of ERDF - POR Piemonte 2007-2013 Activity I.1.2 . Poli di innovazione.

SiTec is actively collaborating with academic and industrial partners within the Polo BioPmed framework. We have been investigating the applicability of novel cryospraying processes, and of innovative nanotechnologies in drug delivery, diagnostic imaging and theranostics. Through the Polo BioPmed, SiTec received partial funding for two projects in these research areas.




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