About us

  SiTec Consulting was established in 1996, on the basis of long experience in pharmaceutical R&D. We developed a wide range of expertise working with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the United States and in Europe.

  SiTec Consulting offers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies a variety of services in the areas of preformulation, drug development, drug delivery and formulation technologies evaluation, regulatory and cGLP/cGMP compliance. We can actively collaborate with start-up pharmaceutical and drug delivery companies to provide scientific and strategic support in the establishment of the new company's activities. We emphasize open communication, active involvement with the client and continuous feedback.

  Networking is one of our assets, allowing us to cover the complex demands of the R&D process. We have access to laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment and resources, located at the Bioindustry Park Canavese, and at selected universities and research centers in Europe. This gives the possibility to conduct and manage experimental parts of projects at our clients' request.

  We value the importance of high quality training. In addition to the hands-on experience we can provide to our clients, SiTec is an authorized representative of the Center for Professional Advancement, a worldwide private institution dedicated to the provision of continuing technical and scientific education at a professional level.



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