SiTec PharmaBio is a Company focused on the development of innovative technologies for drug formulation and delivery to generate new valuable products. Visit the website HERE

SiTec Consulting offers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies services in the areas of preformulation, drug development, drug delivery, formulation technologies evaluation, regulatory and cGLP/cGMP compliance. SiTec Consulting also provides strategic and operational support to start-up and developing companies.

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The Nautilus shell spiral is considered a symbol of beauty and proportional perfection in Nature, since ancient Greece times. Its perfect logarithmic spiral arises from the need to maintain the same proportions throughout growth, while ensuring structural strength and lightness to the shell.

SiTec Consulting has made this shell spiral its symbol to emphasize its commitment to create and maintain high professional standards and value to the pharmaceutical business, offering strong expertise and a lean, effectively build network structure.

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